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Bakers bun, head to Disco Bingo for fun!

Now that we've had a moment to let our hair down and remove all the glitter that we keep finding, it's worth looking back on Tuesday's event!


We were joined by the lovely Brooke Pearson, who was accompanied by her mum and sister - we can't wait to read her blog and watch the YouTube video!

Our sister venue, The Waggon & Horses, headed down for the craic and found themselves leaving with our much-talked about 3-man tent!

We're big believers in positive body image here at The Forum, so for that reason we changed the rhyme behind the numbers 88 from 'two fat ladies' to ' two gorgeous, healthy women who don’t need to change for society's standards'.

Here's what you could have won on the night:


ROUND 1 1st to full house – £15 Bar Tab

ROUND 2 1st to full house – £20 Bar Tab

ROUND 3 1st to full house – A 3 man pop up tent


1. A pizza voucher

2. An inflatable cupcake

3. A drinks voucher

4. The Big Sip” Wine & Drinks quiz

5. A set of glasses

6. Another drinks voucher

7. Putty

8. Make your own superhero bunny outfit

9. Another pizza voucher

10. Inflatable Boat with oars

If you don't know the craic by now, we'll be throwing out disco floor fillers whilst you get stuck in to multiple games of bingo.

We've got pizza on tap and drinks galore, so come and spend your hard earned pennies with us!

We've got some reyt prizes lined up and previous winners have left with boats and tents, so don't say we don't look after you!

If you're still lucky enough to be the right side of 21 (give or take a few years) make the most of our 2-4-1 drinks offers, which are available to all student Pledge Card holders!

Whether it's a girls night out or a student session, you can be sure you'll have a night you won't (or might) forget.

With tickets being free to download, you've really got nothing to lose! Make sure to get yours from the link here > http://bit.ly/Disco-Bingo-Ticket-Link

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